10 gift ideas for a surfer


Christmas is coming and you still don't know what to buy for your surfer friend? Don't worry, we will help you to find the ideal gift for a surfer. Let's go!

#1: Offer surfing

What could be more important for a surfer than surfing? Surfing is a demanding discipline that needs a lot of training to progress. There are always many things to improve in your surfing and even professionals like Kikas have a surf coach to help them.

#2: Surf books

There are many surf books we can advise you on.
These are our favourites:

Passagem para o horizonte - Gonçalo Cadilhe

A year backpacking in search of the best waves on the planet.

Dias bárbaros - William Finnegan

In autobiographical format the Pulitzer Prize winner and journalist for The New Yorker magazine describes surfing from a very intimate, personal, original and surprising perspective. 

Surfing 1778-Today - Jim Heimann

A book about the history of surfing and its evolution around the world.

#3: Surf poncho

Every surfer deserves a poncho to stay warm after a session or to have more privacy when undressing/undressing their wetsuit.

Eco-friendly Poncho from Wildsuits

Ponchos de surf Wildsuits eco-responsáveis concebidos e fabricados em Portugal.

Olaian surf poncho

Olaian surf ponchos (cheaper).

#4: Ecological Wax made in Portugal

Do you have a smaller budget? The wax is a paraffin that is necessary for the feet to adhere well to the board.

There are plenty of wax brands and they are usually made with toxic products. But this is an ecological brand made in a sustainable way with beeswax from Portuguese farms.

#5: Used surfboard

Obviously a used surfboard is a great gift idea for any surfer. If you don't know how to choose you can contact us and we can help you with your choice.

You can also check out our article to learn how to choose your first surfboard.

#6: Car key lock

An interesting gift to keep your car key. Always better than hiding the key on top of the front wheel isn't it?

With a keylock you can keep the key more safely and leave it locked on the outside of your car.

#7: Wetsuit

Staying warm in the water is very important for any surfer. A good surfing suit can help you stay longer in the water and enjoy your surf more.

Used wetsuits

It can always be worth looking first for used suits in good condition to give a second life to a suit and give a more eco-friendly gift. 

Wetsuits Deeply

If you prefer to buy a new wetsuit you can visit Deeply, a Portuguese brand, for your purchase. Also enjoy 10% discount on the entire site with our code BORASURFAR.

10% discount

#8: Surftrip

How about a surftrip? All surfers dream of travelling to catch high waves. Há duas maneiras de oferecer isso:

  • Just buy a flight to a good surfing destination: Morocco, Azores, Madeira, France, Ireland, Indonesia (it's not the same budget)...
  • Or buy a package with a surfcamp.

#9: Surfskate

When there are no good waves it's always great to skate and train your tricks. All the pros train with surfskate and we think it's essential for the progression of any surfer.

You can find good brands like Yow skate or Carver in 58surfshop, Deeply or Decathlon

Skate da Decathlon


Skate da Deeply


=> 135€ with code BORASURFAR

Skate Yow


#10 Take pictures and videos of your friend!

Whether it's to finish on instagram or to evolve it's always cool to spend time with your friend and record your session. This way he can see your photos and movies and correct his mistakes by reviewing them later at home.  


It's not the same as the help of a surf coach but it's a good start! You can also make an album or print out the best photos to remember the session by.

Whatever your choice, try to make it with your surfer friend's goals, needs and tastes in mind. If you can, opt for something more ecological such as second-hand or experiences that mark your friendship. Good waves and happy holidays! 


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