5 tips from Enjoy Surf Project for a more conscious evolution in 2022


No matter how much motivation you have at the beginning of your surfing journey, you may reach a point where your evolution becomes more stagnant and where you spend a lot of time in the water without your evolution being visible. 


But don't worry, follow the advice of Diogo from the Enjoy Surf Project, the head surf coach of a multi-disciplinary team specialized in intermediate and advanced surfing, and you'll see how your journey as a surfer becomes more stimulating and your progress faster!

1. Define an objective

This tip is applicable not only in surfing but in any area of your life in which you want to evolve.


Your goal should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Challenging
  • Realistic
  • Temporal


I will explain each point in detail below.



Be clear about what you want to get at. 

Can you picture the goal you want to achieve in your head? Then you are on the right track! 



You should be able to measure your progress towards your proposed goal. A tip could be to create "mini goals" that allow you to have a more objective perception of your evolution. For example: to have a correct technique for using your arms during the frontside cutback, or to be able to decide quickly about the wave line and which manoeuvre to choose in each section.



If your objective is too easy you'll achieve it very quickly and without having to work very hard. Such a goal could be a good mini-goal, which will give you extra motivation to achieve your real goal.



If your goal is to enter world surfing championships when you only started surfing this year... maybe you are asking too much of yourself. Which will lead to you becoming demotivated. Instead set a goal that pushes you to give your best but is something you can achieve.



Without a deadline to achieve your goal, you run the risk of never fulfilling it... because you have too much time and then you put it off indefinitely. So, when you set your goal, set a deadline for it to be achieved. 


Arriving at that date, if you haven't met it, then it's time to set a new goal that you can meet.

2. Watch yourself surf

This is, on a technical level, the advice that will bring you the most direct results! Film yourself surfing and see if you are going in the direction you want. Are the strong points of your surfing in line with your goal? With the style that you want to have? Regarding your weaknesses, what mistakes are you making? What movement patterns are causing you to fail?


Once you have done your technical surf analysis ((you can consult us here for professional help), make the necessary adaptations and corrections and go into the water with awareness in the movements you want to improve!

3. Train out of the water

Even high performance surfers in a 1 hour workout often don't make it to 2 minutes of waves, meaning they are less than 2 minutes standing on the surfboard.

An intermediate level surfer spends, on average, about 45 seconds on the board during a one hour surf. If you are at this level and surf twice a week you will only have approximately 1:30min of real surf training, that is less than two minutes. This amount of real training time is insufficient to reach your maximum performance, even if you are a recreational surfer.

The solution is to do training out of the water. Simulate surfing movements in dry land, that is, out of the water, on the ground. Practice the moves you identified in point 2. The patterns that are causing you to fail in the water or that are not in accordance with the style that you want to have, correct them on the ground, then move on to a balance board, then train them on a skateboard and then, when you try to do them in the water, you will have gained muscle memory and body awareness regarding these movements and you will see that you will be able to apply these corrections much more easily.

4. Put the external factors in favour of your evolution

At Enjoy we identify as external factors to the surfer's technique the: type of wave chosen, surfboard and physical condition. The best way to explain this point is with an example. Imagine you are a regular and you want to improve your Frontside Roundhouse Cutback.


So, the factors covered above should be chosen in a way that favours your training, so you should choose to surf a right-hand wave, long to give you space of making wide carves, with a board sufficiently buoyant to maintain corner speed, and you must be strong and healthy to have the best possible pace during the session!

5. Find a professional

Surfcoaching Enjoy Surf project

There are several qualified professionals in Portugal to help you reach your goal. At Enjoy Surf Project we are a multidisciplinary team made up of myself, the head coach, an image team and a physique préparateur. We have been working for 5 years and have already given more than 2000 trainings, so we have a lot of experience and all the necessary skills to help you evolve.


When you choose a professional to help you, make sure they have working methods that align! Training schedules, training methods and ways of thinking that complement each other. Only then will you add something to your path!

Extra tip: discipline should trump motivation

It is humanly impossible to be motivated 24/7. It is discipline that makes the difference in evolution. It is discipline that keeps you on track even on days when you lack motivation and it is discipline that will allow you to reach your goal.


The most important step in achieving your goal is to start by setting it! Make sure it is specific, measurable, challenging, realistic and finite. Then, in order to maximise your evolution, study the videos of your surf sessions and try to correct the mistakes you are making in training out of the water. Consider the external factors that influence your evolution, such as your own physical condition, the conditions of your surfboard and the waves you choose to catch.


Finally, choose a professional who can help you reach your goal faster!


By applying these tips, you will find that surfing becomes even more fun and challenging!


And now, bora surfar? 🌊


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