pequeno almoço surf

5 breakfast ideas for a morning of surfing


Surfing is a complex sport that requires some dietary care. Often in our morning workouts we don't know exactly what to eat before or after, to improve our surfing performance and promote faster recovery from each workout 🥑🍓🍌🥜


It is crucial for the surfer to be well nourished, not only to promote an increase in performance, but also to contribute to a faster and more effective recovery from each training session. The question often arises as to: What to eat before or after a surf session?


Thus, Marta Ferreira (student of nutrition) and Enjoy Surf Project helped us develop tips and breakfast options, as well as what to look out for on a morning of surfing 🌊🏄🏽♀️

Tabela de Conteúdos

For those who like to eat before surfing

Since training can start very early the ideal are quick and practical, but always nutritious options! For training we should always eat before and avoid going to water on an empty stomach.

What should I pay attention to when eating?

High in carbohydrates

Faster-absorbing foods such as fruit. In addition, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy diet.


A good source of protein
Preferably liquid in order to be absorbed more quickly, thus initiating the muscle recovery process.


There should be a good source of essential fatty acids (avocado, olive oil, nuts etc...)

Water consumption is very important to avoid possible dehydration during training.

pequeno almoço surf

Overnight Oats

5 tbsp oatmeal

3 teaspoons chia seeds

1 tsp peanut butter vegetable drink until covered

batidos de frutos vermelhos

Red fruit smoothie

1 handful of frozen red berries 

Unsweetened almond drink (or milk)

1 tablespoon of oats

For those who like to eat after surfing

Even those who prefer to eat after training, should always take care to make a pre-workout taking into account the nutritional and physiological needs of the surf.

What should I pay attention to when eating?

Rich in carbohydrates and protein
The aim is to replenish muscle glycogen and replenish energy reserves. Provide the necessary amino acids for the recovery of muscle tissue.

Drinking water is very important to replace electrolyte losses during training.

Low in fat
Lipid intake should be reduced further. A good source of essential fatty acids (such as olive oil and nuts) is important.

Avocado toast

1/2 avocado

1 boiled egg

Paprika and salt to taste

Rye or mixed rye bread

panquecas de aveia

Oat pancakes

1 egg

1 banana

3 to 4/tbsp oatmeal

Fruit to your liking

Yoghurt with granola

1 yoghurt

Granola or muesly wihtout sugar

1 teacup chia seeds

Fruit to your liking

And remember, an adequate nutrition will have a direct impact on your performance during surfing, will help maintain energy levels throughout the session and contribute to faster recovery from each workout.


Boas ondas !


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