Deeply x Ecoalf: a collection to raise environmental awareness





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Deeply x Ecoalf: a collection to raise environmental awareness


In partnership with the brand ambassador and big wave surfing champion, Natxo González, Ecoalf Sports has launched an eco-friendly surf line in collaboration with Deeply Europe. The collection includes the first plant-based surfing wetsuits, as well as shorts, T-shirts, long sleeves and swimsuits for men and women.

Traditional surfing wetsuits are made from synthetic rubber. However, in order to minimise the use of petroleum derivatives, Ecoalf Sports and Deeply opted for natural rubber YULEX®, extracted from Hevea trees from certified forests. This rubber offers the same comfort, mobility and quick drying, among other features.

The names of the pieces in the collection are inspired by the world's main surfing peaks. The Nazare men's zip-up surfsuit (€250.00) can be combined with the surf shorts and is made with recycled nylon outer, a natural rubber layer and a recycled nylon inner lining. The seams are reinforced with ultra flexible seam tapes, ensuring durability and flexibility. The Teah neoprene wetsuits for men (€350.00) and Peahi for women (€320.00) have the same characteristics but without a front zip, in line with the concept created by Natxo González, making them unique. All the wetsuits are 2/2 MM thick, ideal for temperatures between 18-21ºC.

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Thanks to the use of recycled and natural materials, Ecoalf saves 1.7 million liters of water (20.3% less than the market average) and 6.7 tons of CO2 eq. (31.4% less than the market average).

Natxo González expressed his pride in collaborating with Ecoalf to create a surf line that raises awareness about microplastic pollution and the importance of protecting the oceans. Deeply Europe also highlighted its commitment to sustainability and product performance by integrating YULEX® into surfwear, uniting design and materials science.

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