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Where to surf near Lisbon: The 3 best surf spots


In Lisbon there are many paths that lead to the beach. Specifically those with the best waves, so you can spend a good few hours in the water, on your board!

If you are in Lisbon, there are 3 that stand out. In this article we will explain which ones, at what time of the year you should choose which one, how to get there - among other information that will be very useful if your goal is to find out where to surf in Lisbon.


1. Costa da Caparica

Waves with different characteristics every day of the year is what awaits you on the other side of the bridge. Due to the sand banks of the beaches of Costa da Caparica and the North East wind being offshore, the surfing conditions are good but full of surprises! Which means that one month you will find good tubes and the next month you will find fuller and softer waves. All on the same beach. But, in general, you will find heavier and more demanding waves in the north, from the area of São João to the first beaches of the pontoons of Costa da Caparica - with some crowd - and easier waves in the south beaches.


On the northern peaks, from Praia de São João to Praia Nova, you can surf even during low tide, on the southern peaks, you can surf from mid-tide.


More swell? You might choose Praia da Fonte da Telha.


But surfing isn't the only thing a surfer lives for. Alongside Costa da Caparica's beaches you'll find great restaurants at affordable prices, lots of beach bars and a laid-back vibe.

In addition of surf schools and surfshops, obviously!


How to get there? if you don't have a car, don't worry. Apart from Uber/Bolt, there are buses (161) from various points in Lisbon (Alcântara, Praça Areeiro) that will take you to the beaches on the coast (and you can take your surfboard quietly in the boot of the bus). More info here.


2. Carcavelos

Looking for the best tubes in Europe? Carcavelos is your beach! And there's even a surfing competition to prove it, it's called Capítulo Perfeito and takes place the best day of the winter.


But Carcavelos is not only for big surfers, when the waves are smaller it is perfect for beginners (you can find surf schools near Lisbon, here).


Flatter during the summer, high waves during the winter, Carcavelos only has one fault: over popularity - the beach fills up completely during the summer months, unlike Costa da Caparica, where you always have more space.


Still in the Linha de Cascais area, we recommend other beaches: 


  • São Pedro do Estoril – with consistent right-hand waves that delight longboarders;
  • Praia da Torre – perfect for beginners.


How to get there? the train that leaves from Cais do Sodré drops you directly on the beach.


3. Guincho

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Lisbon region... but also the windiest! And therefore it receives a lot of swell. It has very consistent waves and many surfers in the water.


But if only for the views, surfing at Guincho is well worth it!

How to get there? train to Cascais and then bus to Guincho.

And now, you don't know which one to choose?

Surf Caparica

A tool that can help you choose where to surf in Lisbon are the webcams that film in real time the Portuguese beaches and the respective reports, which will help you to understand how the waves are before you go to the beach.


When analysing the report regarding the forecasts for each beach, consider mainly:


  • The swell,
  • The wind,
  • The tides.


Don't know how to interpret the forecast? We have on the blog an article about it!


Among the three and in a summarised form consider the following:


  • Small swell without wind 👉 Guincho
  • Swell “normal” 👉 Costa da Caparica
  • Big swell and or strong north wind 👉 Beaches on the Cascais line (Carcavelos, São Pedro do Estoril, Praia da Torre, etc).


Now that you know a little bit more about which beach to choose for a good morning (or afternoon!) of surfing from Lisbon, where are you going to surf? #BoraSurfar? 😉


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