erros surfistas principiantes

Top 5 most common mistakes made by beginner surfers


Learning to surf is no picnic. Beginners often make mistakes that could easily be avoided. The easiest thing is to start learning the sport at a surf school. However, even after a few lessons, there are always mistakes left uncorrected. These are, for example, the five most frequent mistakes made by beginner surfers:

1) Not choosing the right conditions

Learn how to choose the right conditions and peak for you. When you start surfing, you don't need to look for perfect 6-8ft waves. On the contrary: the smaller the waves, the better. This way you can concentrate more on your technique, instead of surfing in the foam or spending too much energy swimming against the current.

2) Not doing take-off at the right time

erros surfistas principiantes

A very common mistake among beginners is not knowing the right moment to take-off. We must not forget that surfing is essentially a form of "sliding" through waves. So we must wait for the sensation that the wave is pushing us before we stand up, otherwise the wave will leave us behind. When we feel that we have moved forward with the current, and only then, can we take-off on the crest of the wave. Not at the bottom, but at the top, at the crest, for that is where we will gain the speed that will help us ride the rest of the wave. 

3) Looking at your feet

This is perhaps the most classic mistake, and also the most difficult to correct. Surfing is like driving: you must look at the road, not at the steering wheel!

It is very important to correct this mistake as soon as possible to avoid missing the wave and/or falling off. Look where you want to head!

4) Not having the right material

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It is essential to have the right equipment to be able to enjoy the sea and thus progress properly. At the beginning, the more volume, the better. With large boards you will be able to catch more waves and thus learn faster. In one session, your time on the waves is quite limited and so you need to optimise those moments with a board of greater volume.

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Wearing the right wetsuit is equally important, so you can stay warm while maintaining full freedom of movement. We recommend the Portuguese brand Deeply, which produces excellent equipment and with whom we get the promotion code -10%: BORASURFAR.

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5) Not respecting priorities in the water

regras surf

When we start surfing it is possible that we don't know the priority rules, and this can cause problems in the water. Surfing has a reputation for being a very relaxed sport, due to the stereotype usually attributed to surfers. However, in the water things are often different. We strongly advise you to read our article on what you should know before you start surfingso that you can have the best possible experience in the water, and in complete safety.

Above all, the most important thing is to have fun. The best surfer in the water is the one who enjoys it most! Happy surfing everyone!


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